To our treasured community,

After more than ten wonderful years and over 36,000 photos we have decided it is time to hang up our ropes.

There are two groups of people we want to thank, without their involvement there would have been no Simply Tied.

Thank you to all the very special models that have worked with us. We've worked with both some of the top models in the industry and some models who are up and coming. All the models have been an absolute joy to work with and have made the site what it is.

Thank you to all the members of the site, past and present. Without your support, feedback, and encouragement there is every chance we wouldn't have lasted anywhere close to a decade let alone over it.

We have removed the signup form for new members and current members will not be able to renew their membership once it has ran out.

We will miss working closely with the great community but we feel it is time to move onto other things.

Thank You,
Simply Tied

If you are currently a member you can still access our galleries